Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bad Move, Dick


Anonymous said...

Now, maybe the product will be more accessible with other manufacturers producing Feminizer. Heck, maybe it will be available "As Seen ON TV" zoe

whyguys said...

Richard briskly strode out of the FemCorp facilities, when suddenly the swift cadence of the clicking of his high heels slackened. He started again, but this time the sound of his dainty designer shoes was much less energated.

Richard breathed deeply and the soft seductive scent of the FemCorp Fragrance #7 caused him to slow his pace again - until he came to a full stop. Richard's mind seemed clearer now... he envisioned the wonderful experiences he had had under the tutelage of the magnificently beautiful, strong and forward-thinking Female Masters that ran FemCorp. He recalled the enlightening and mirthful moments he had experienced in classes as he and the other 'male girls' learned of the place they should ... no must play in the ideal Female Supremacist society FemCorp envisioned.

Then - with tears of excitement and anticipation causing a slight smidgen of his mascara to run - he retrieved his compact from his purse and returned his girlish visage to perfection, thinking to HERSELF,

"Richard i am NO MORE! From now on i shall serve Woman properly as RACHELLE!"

Rachelle then pirouetted in perfect feminine grace to begin her return to the FemCorp complex - this time the pace of her 5-inch heels far more fast that that of her earlier exit...