Sunday, January 17, 2016

They Look Like Vitamins To Me!


Sharon Smith said...

If a woman wanted to give them to me I would take them with no questions asked.

whyguys said...

She smiled triumphantly as Guy's tear-filled eyes stared at the pert breasts on his once manly chest.

She laughed at the frightened girlish male trembling before Her,

"Perhaps the pills WERE VITAMINS B1 and B2... B1 for the cute little BREASTS you're developing... and B2 for the pretty little BRAS you'll be wearing. And I also, notice your little male appendage has gotten quite smaller and softer as well.

She then fastened and adjusted the 10-inch strap-on to Her waist,

"So I suppose from now you will play the 'girly' for ME, since MINE's BIGGER THAN YOURS!"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sharon and wish someone would give me the special vitamins!

Bi Guy said...

I took the 'vitamins' as a teen, knowing what would happen - lovely breasts.