Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My New Book: "Satin Falls" (Part One)

I've got another new book! This is part one of two, I'm hoping to have part two finished within a week! Here's what it's about:
Satin Falls is the story of a small mountain town where the males slowly lose their ability to resist any command given by the females after an unknown virus infects the water supply.

Guiding the women in how to handle this is a psychiatrist with a grudge against the masculine half of the human race. She decides to get her revenge against malekind by encouraging the women of Satin Falls to feminize their helpless males. Unfortunately, the only person who can stop her, her former female lover who is now set to marry a man who would rather be the one wearing the dress at their wedding, may not want to.

Part one of this story follows several couples as their lives change in this brave new world of silk and high heels and female domination as the men slowly sink into feminization and their chances of being rescued hang by the well-manicured fingertips of one young woman.

Here is where you can buy it:

Amazon Kindle

I hope you all enjoy it!


Michyle Glen said...

Sounds Interesting,
I have always wondered what would happen if an entire isolated town was infected with a sissifying virus or something like that.

Ann Michelle said...

I hope you enjoy it Michyle. I like the idea as well and I think this is both an interesting story and a sex story. :)