Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Flower Girl Now


Shawn said...

PLAYING AROUND!?!?! just so you know, I wasn't playing around! I meant to do this to myself.

Not only am I out of a horrible marriage to a stone cold bitch like you. Since there is no evidence of what happened to me, you can't collect any of my life insurance.

Then I made sure that all my fortune will go to my new mommy and daddy and I get to reboot my life to how it should have always been.

And by the way, enjoy being married to John. We we used to hang out together, be was the biggest man whore I knew. If he doesn't cheat on you before the day is over, I'd be surprised.

So enjoy your life...bitch.

whyguys said...

Wait until he discovers that She is marrying his secretary with whom he had been having an affair two years earlier.

The greater shock will be after the spell wears off and he reverts to his real age and finds out the two Women have decided he will be kept as their housemaid.