Tuesday, June 24, 2014

His Twin Sister's Husband


Shawn said...

Like 99% of guy's, I'm sure his brother-in-law would never notice this, but one telling sign that Rex is really the one he is kissing, is the fact that those green/blue pumps don't work well with that dress red and white dress.

Rex probably just grabbed the first pair of pumps he found after slipping into that dress, so maybe "his" fashion sense isn't that bad.

But since he's not telling him to stop or pushing him away, Rex seems to wants to find out how far his brother-in-law will take this.

Then again, his sister has probably told her husband all about their games back when Rex and her were kids and they played "princesses" together.

So I'm guessing that Rex will know a lot more about his brother-in-law soon.

Ann Michelle said...

Interesting interpretation,Shawn! :D