Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At The Laundromat


Shawn said...

Oh I think Jim knew exactly what he was doing.

There's a few reasons. No first time dresser would be out in heels that high and can he explain walking on tile in heels without falling on his butt? (Probably not)

Then what reason is there for his shaved legs? The old swimming or riding a bicycle excuse won't fly either. And that outfit is a little to cute for a normal boy to just throw together too.

I hope she likes sharing
clothes with her new sister "Jill", because you know Jim isn't giving this up any time soon. And she'll probably find all her missing clothes in "Jim's" closet too.

Ann Michelle said...

I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing too! And it was a great plan.

Fiona said...

Shawn - actually walking is possible, and explainable. Ever worn ice skates? The width of the blade is smaller than heels. But you won't be very graceful, just stable. Hockey players coming off the ice sort of lumber. The elevation is not as big an adjustment as balance.

Legs, well... she's on her own