Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book Review: "Caught En Femme"

Domina Dixon is easily one of my favorite authors. Her books are well-written, complex and interesting. They are exciting too. Indeed, I find it hard to make it through her books without stopping periodically to enjoy what I’ve read. Her book, “Caught En Femme”, is one of the books that makes me stop to savor the story... a lot.

Here’s the story: Brian is a professor at the local college. He’s also a sexist. Oh, and he’s a cross-dresser. With summer starting today, he decides to spend the day dressed in his wife’s clothes while she’s at work. What he doesn’t know is that one of his students has decided to come to his house to confront him over his sexist grading practices. She catches him. Then she invites her friends over.

This is a top “caught” story. Domina does an excellent of building the suspense, of letting you feel both the terror and humiliation of getting caught, and of giving you some exquisite humiliation as the young woman savors the power she has won over the formerly domineering male. The writing is superb, the characters feel real and the situation is intense. There is a good deal of creativity here too.

I saw a commenter at Amazon say he thought the ending with the wife wasn’t sufficiently original and that he wanted something like a cuckolding ending, but that wasn’t what this story was about and the ending wasn’t meant to be original. What it was meant to be was exciting as the wife discovers his secret, humiliating as he finds the tables turned, and then loving as they find happiness with each other. And in that, it absolutely delivers.

This is a book you won’t regret owning.

You can buy the book here LINK, and if you agree with me, please leave your review at Amazon. Tell others that they should support this author and buy this book. It really is important.


Thomas the Tame said...

I'd have to agree. Dixon's work is light, fun and a fast read. It's a little higher priced, but for an author that consistently produces good quality fiction, it's worth it.

Ann Michelle said...

Tom, I'm glad you agree. I've really liked Dixon's work. Everything I've read from her has been very enjoyable.

BTW, I love your new avatar! Very hot!

Also, when can we expect a new book from you? :)

Anonymous said...

I have liked everything I have seen from her too, not as much as your books though Ann :). She writes really hot humiliation scenes and portrays her female characters as enjoying what they are doing rather than being emotionless shells which is a too common fault in the genre I think.


Ann Michelle said...

Thank you, Marie! :D I wish I was faster at writing more stories!

I agree. I think she explores the character's emotions very well and very erotically. Too many stories simply describe the action, she goes deeper and gives you something to really make you tingle

Anonymous said...

I think given the length of your books your output is pretty good actually. I have tried to write numerous times and always seem to lose focus and stall at around 5000words, a bit too impatient I think. Are your working on another book now?, any hints as to what it's about?


Ann Michelle said...

Marie, Thanks. I am working on a book about a town where the men all fall under the control of the women of the town. :)

I also keep working on the sequel for Writer's Secret, but I'm having a hard time getting the tone right on the story.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a story, huge scope within a premise like that, cant wait to read it :).

Btw, just noticed that Dominated Stepfather by Domina Dixon is currently unavailable on amazon after a lurid tabloid story here in the UK branded them 'purveyors of porn' and attacked several genres of ebooks including incest based stories. Dissapointingly amazon responded by removing titles. The fact that there is NO incest in the aforementioned book doesn't seem to have mattered one jot, the title has got it pulled for the time being at least.

Anonymous said...

Meant to sign off above post Marie, must have been too angry about the censorship!

Ann Michelle said...

Marie, I have struggled against that myself at Amazon. "Grounded in Heels" and my short story were both removed and I was sent threatening e-mails. It took months to sort out what the problems were because they wouldn't tell me. But at the same time, they told me I could resubmit it... only they also threatened to close my account if my books didn't "comply" with their rules.

So they wouldn't tell me what was wrong, but I could resubmit, but if I did and I didn't read their minds right, I could lose my account. Nice.

This time, I'm not affected, but I've seen dozens of books vanish in the last few days, including Domina's Stepfather book. Hopefully, they can all find ways to make their books available again. It is frustrating.