Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New Book: "Blackmailed Sissy Maid"

Hi everyone! My new book is finally available at Amazon! This one is called "Blackmail Sissy Maid" and here is the description:

Powerful men like Christopher Jordan need ways to unwind. For Christopher, who planned to run for governor in the next election, this meant having an internet mistress. He assumed having an internet mistress was safe because of the anonymity of the internet. He was wrong. Christopher would now learn a hard lesson, a lesson which would place him at the mercy of his wife’s cousin and her best friend, as they turned him into their sissy maid. Was that all they planned for him or was there something more?

It's 37,000 words and you can buy it here ==> LINK.

I hope you all enjoy it! :D


Thomas the Tame said...

Yes, yes, reading now, enjoying now. I haven't finished it yet. I want to savor it. :P

Ann Michelle said...

Thanks Tom! I hope you enjoy it. :D

Can we expect a new book from you soon?

Anonymous said...

Love all of you stories! Just finished reading grounded in heels, and I'm highly impressed with your writing talents and humiliating ideas. I hope you write some more stories soon! I'll be sure to buy every one of them!

Ann Michelle said...

Thank you! I'm always happy to hear when someone enjoys my stories! :)