Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review: "A Change In Our Marriage"

Sara Desmarais has a new book out, so today I will review one of her older ones: “A Change In Our Marriage.” Sara is a heavy-hitter in TV/TS literature and deservedly so. She has a gift for dialog, for conveying the conflicts within the characters, and a knack for creating satisfying stories. “A Change In Our Marriage” is an excellent example of this.

The story is simple: John’s wife Sara discovers that her husband has been visiting cuckolding websites. This intrigues her and she goes about cuckolding John. John, of course, loves the idea at first, but Sara keeps pushing him further than he expected as she finds his limits and pushes him past those. This shocks him and scares him and causes him to struggle with whether or not he really can accept the life of a sissy cuckold. Throughout, however, Sara guides him with her dominance and her cleverness, until she gives him what they both need.

The writing in this book is excellent. There is strong interplay between the husband and wife and the reader is constantly aware of the subtle changes in their characters as the husband slips further away from husband status to something else. The book is long too, which is always nice. And unlike some books which are simply long, this one uses the space wisely to develop its characters. The story is highly erotic as well.

Two other things also work really well in this story. First, the story builds to a satisfying climax. Some authors aren’t patient enough to build significant tension, but Sara Desmarais is. Secondly, I like that the relationship between the husband and the wife is one of love. This wasn’t the type of book where the characters don’t care about each other except to hit plot points, and that makes it so much easier to care about these characters and, thus, to feel their emotions.

All in all, I highly recommend this book and I recommend checking out her new book as well because you can’t go wrong with Sara.

You can buy the book here LINK, and if you agree with me, please leave your review at Amazon. Our genre in particular gets a lot of people who enjoy trashing books for reasons unrelated to the quality of the work. Reviews are important to help people find good books. So please take the time to help other readers find the good books and thereby help the authors whose work you enjoy throughout our genre. Please leave reviews, even if it’s only a couple words.


Tini said...

I'm a big fan of Sara's and this is one of my favorites. Thanks for the review! Hopefully everyone will read her books!

Ann Michelle said...

You're welcome Tini. Sara is an excellent author.

SissyGinger said...

I didn't know Sara had a new book! Thanks for the tip! :D

Ann Michelle said...

SissyGinger, Yes, a new book a couple days ago. It looks interesting. I'll review that one too eventually.