Friday, April 19, 2013

Book Review: "Ravenwood School for Sissies"

I’ve decided that every once in awhile, I’m going to review other books that you might like. This week, I’ll start with a fantastic book that is actually a collection of three related stories by authors Aimee Allison, Crystal Summers and Domina Dixon: “Ravenwood School for Sissies (A Collection of Short Stories)”. This is a great book!

This book includes three stories. The first is “Always Read the Fine Print” by Aimee Allison. This involves a powerful man in the world of finance who thought he had found a sort of fantasy sex vacation, so he lies to his wife and enrolls himself in Monica Ravenwood’s School for Sissies. Once there, he learns that this is no fantasy and he finds himself feminized and made submissive, before he gets returned to his wife. This story was great. It was well-written, face-paced and quite erotic. I love the interaction between the wife and the husband and the twist aspect that he enrolled himself by mistake. I won’t spoil it, except to say that I love the idea of the powerful man feminized and made submissive, and I think Aimee has a real talent for bringing that out in her writing.

The second is “The Heir(ess)” (what a great title!) by Crystal Summers. This is the story of the son of a billionaire who is sent to Ravenwood’s School by his evil stepmother so she can turn him into a feminized slave and steal the family fortune. Crystal’s story is more plot-based than most of the stories you find in the genre and it absolutely held my interest. This was like a genuine story, not just a series of sex scenes. That said, the story was still highly erotic throughout.

The third story was by a woman who is fast becoming my favorite author: Domina Dixon. This story was titled “Femdom Marriage” and it just thrilled me. This story involved a man who submits to his wife, but struggles with his submission and his wife sends him to the Ravenwood School to see if the school can help him overcome his need to struggle. Of particular interest here is the relationship between the husband and the stepdaughter who really enjoys dominating and humiliating him. I found this story to be truly inspired and I hope Domina expands upon it actually. I would love to see more of this story.

Each of these stories was fantastic, but in different ways. Allison gave us the feel of a great man brought down by his own lies and mistakes with a lot of erotic irony. Crystal gave us a sort of fast-paced erotic adventure story. Domina gave us pure erotic humiliation. I loved all three.

I also think the use of the reporter investigating the story was a very clever way to make this into an actual book rather than just three stories jammed together in the same book. And the way they handled the switch to first person at times really worked well to sink you into the story, but still to let the narrator lead the story. Well done!

Each story was around 9,000 words which was a nice length. This made the entire book around 30,000 words, which means you get a real story – indeed, all three stories combine to give you a great view of the school itself. Also, each story is long enough to feel that you get a true representation of what the writing of each author is like. That makes this kind of a bargain since you pay $5.99 for what you would otherwise need to pay $12+ for ($4+ each for each part).

All in all, I highly recommend this book. Not only are these three great short stories, but it’s a great novella as well, and it’s a chance to see what all three authors are like.

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TomTame said...

I'm reading Domina Dixon's story now, and all 3 are great. All 3 authors have their own talents and their own books. My favorite might actually be Aimee Allison's opening story. I balked a little at the price, which isn't exorbitant, but considering I've read all of the authors and they're all really good, it was a no brainer. Very good book. You beat me to the review! lol

Ann Michelle said...

Tom, I'm glad to hear you agree! :)

The price is higher than most stories, but since it really is like buying three books in one, I didn't mind at all. I probably would have felt differently if these had just been really short stories, but they aren't -- they feel like three solid, complete stories.

I really like all three for different reasons. And I've re-read each a couple times by now and I've found they really hold up. I'm very pleased with this book. Nice work! :)

(P.S. Didn't mean to steal your thunder, please feel free to review it yourself if you like. I think anything we can do to help our readers find good stories will be appreciated.)