Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Following His Daughter's Orders


Anonymous said...

Gulp! :O

Ann Michelle said...


whyguys said...

GREAT OMPHALE's GHOST! Tomorrow's generation of Young Women are going to be so well-versed in knowing how to keep their male counterparts in complete feminine submission...


won't it be WONDERFUL!

whyguys said...

The Woman came home from work to the odious sight of Her two Daughter standing in front of the kitchen sink doing dishes.

"WHAT are you two DOING???"

the Girls answered:

"Well dad told us..."

Their Mother was livid:

"Haven't I taught YOU ANYTHING? You are NEVER to listen to anything your father tells you, do you understand?
Where is he?

"JOCELYN - You get your pretty pantied bottom right in here - THIS MINUTE!"