Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Office Powerplay


Linda Marie Daniels said...

I would love to be one of these "girls" ***giggle***

Ann Michelle said...

It does sound like good times at the office, doesn't it?

whyguys said...

Vincent, I shall be counting down from 10, when I reach zero, you shall awake and internalize all the hypnotic lessons you have learned and only think of yourself as a typical feminized male named 'VERONICA'

10 - Females are the Superior Sex, the male inferior

9 - Females give orders, males obey orders

8 - Females are the Stronger Sex even physically, the male is the weaker

7 - Females may choose and create their Sexual identity, males must now be the feminine, submissive and passive sex only.

6 - Female sexual pleasure is a primary goal, male sexual release is of no real consequence.

5 - The Female shall fill all positions of power and importance, the male must accept all roles subservient.

4 - To please the Female, the male must surrender all false vestigial misconceptions of 'masculinity' and assume the 'feminine' qualtities now more appropriate to his nature and status.

3 - Stop crying and go fix your make-up, male

2 - Stop whimpering and go do as you were told, boi

1 - Assume the position, sweetie-GIRL!

0 - Come back to wakey wakey, princess...

"Oh, hello, Mistress did I doze off... How may I serve You?"